Guidelines for Independent Medical Exams

All exams are done on a pre-paid basis only. Contact the office for current fees. Chart notes and payment must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to the exam date. Charts are reviewed prior to the exam. Dictation is done the same day by phone if you have a dictation service, otherwise it will go out with our office dictation and be mailed within 3-4 days. If corrections are necessary, an additional day may be required.

Clients must bring photo ID, X-rays, MRI, etc. with them if available. They will be asked to complete a registration form and a medical history form, and should be prepared with information regarding previous surgeries, illnesses, and current medications.

If a client must cancel the appointment or reschedule, s/he must call your company and you must, in turn, notify this office.

A no-show fee applies to all appointments not kept or canceled within 3 business days of the exam time, as we have blocked 1 hour of our schedule and completed file review.

Dr. Jordan has been doing IMEs for several companies since 1995. We look forward to working with your company. Please contact Cheryl, the office manager, to schedule exams or answer any questons you may have.


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